Faith Statement

We believe in The Scriptures of the Old (TaNaKh in Hebrew) and New Testaments (post-Messiah) in their original writing as fully inspired by God (YHWH / יהוה  = Hebrew) and accept them as the supreme and final authority for faith and life.


We believe in one Elohyim (God), one Set-Apart Spirit (Holy Spirit) and one Messiah (Yeshua / Jesus)


We believe that Jesus Christ (Yeshua, the Messiah = Hebrew) was begotten by the Set Apart (Holy) Spirit, born of the virgin and came in the flesh, He died and rose again.


We believe that Elohyim (God) created man in His own image; that man sinned and thereby incurred the  penalty of death, physical and spiritual; that all human beings inherit a sinful nature which issues (in the case of those who reach moral responsibility) in actual transgression involving personal guilt.


We believe that the Messiah died for our sins, a substitutionary sacrifice according to the Scriptures and that all who believe in Him are justified on the grounds of His shed blood.


We believe in the Bodily resurrection of the Messiah, His ascension into Heaven and His present life as our High Priest and Advocate.


We believe in the personal return of the Messiah.


We believe that all who repent of their sin and receive the Messiah by faith are grafted into the Olive tree (Israel) and thereby become children of God, the Father.


We believe in the baptism in the Spirit, empowering and equipping believers for service, with the accompanying supernatural gifts of the Spirit; and in fellowship with the Spirit.


We believe in the resurrection of both the just and the unjust, the eternal blessedness of the redeemed, and the eternal banishment of those who have rejected the offer of salvation.


We believe that the one true Assembly (Body) is the whole company of those who have been redeemed by Messiah and regenerated by the Spirit; that the local congregation on earth should take its character from this conception of the Body and therefore that the new birth and personal confession of Messiah are essentials of congregational membership.


We believe the Scriptures teach that without living set apart (holy) lives no man will see God (Elohyim). We believe in the doctrine of sanctification as a definite, yet progressive work of grace, commencing at the time  of the new birth and continuing until the consummation of salvation.


We believe the "new testament" is in the "old testament" concealed, and the "old testament" is in the "new testament" revealed.


We believe that obedience is an act of love, because of our salvation and not for our salvation.

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